PROTON und KTM ? Wer weiss mehr ?

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PROTON und KTM ? Wer weiss mehr ? - 13.9.2004 16:27:00   


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Proton Team KR tests of the new KTM MotoGP motor after the Portuguese GP at Estoril gave the team a boost in several respects.

One was the strong performance of the new 990cc V4 Austrian-built engine, which might offer a new direction for the team. Another was the performance of the Proton KR chassis, modified to take the V4 in place of the regular V5. The state-of-the-art unit proved well fitted to the task.

A third had nothing to do with the Austrian built engine. It related to the team's Dunlop tyres, with fresh developments tested on the first of two days. Rider Nobuatsu Aoki, using the regular V5 engine, found yet more tyre improvements, as the joint development programme continues to bear fruit.

The new tyres are of the most importance for next weekend's Japanese GP, at the Motegi Twin Ring circuit. With work on the KTM engine on the back burner, the four long-distance flyaway GPs taking precedence, Aoki will be racing the KR V5 at Motegi and for this race and the remaining rounds. Team-mate Kurtis Roberts, still recuperating from injuries, will miss the Japanese GP.

Team manager Chuck Aksland described the progress of the tests, and their meaning for the short-term and long-term future.

""Nobu did more than 20 laps with the KTM motor at Estoril on the first day, and more than 50 on the second. There were no problems, and on race tyres he worked up to lap times better than he'd achieved in Sunday's race. They were just short of our qualifying times, set on qualifying tyres.

""We were all pretty impressed by the engine's potential, and we came away with some ideas on what needs to be improved. The problem is with the fly-away GPs there's no time to test on these ideas. We'll do the work and then test again after the last race.

""At that time, we will make a determination over whether and how to continue the programme,"" said Aksland.

""The reason Nobu only did 20 laps on day one is because we also had a tyre test with Dunlop on Monday,"" the team manager continued. ""They went well. It looks like they've found a good direction. Every test with them there is some improvement. That should help us some at Motegi,"" he said.

Aoki will ride machines in a similar stage of development as the previous races, where he finished in the points on both occasions

klingt sehr ernsthaft für mich was meint Ihr ?

lg da R
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Ich bin auf alle Fälle gespannt, - 13.9.2004 17:43:00   


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wie es jetzt weiter geht. Aber ich fürchte, man wird von den Dingern nicht viel hören und sehen. MotoGP ist halt kein Kindergeburtstag, wenn sich sogar Hersteller wie Suzuki, Kawa und Aprilia daran die Zähne ausbeißen. Ich drücke ihnen auf alle Fälle die Daumen.


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ich auch - 14.9.2004 6:56:00   


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wär toll wenn da was weiterginge !
lg da R

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